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Junior Counselor 

Ages 15+

The junior counselor's main responsibility is helping the lead counselor need be. Whether it's setting up for the next activity, helping supervise the children, or organizing materials. 


  • Supports the lead counselor during lessons and transitions to make sure students are safe and engaged

  • Help prepare and organize materials

  • Help supervise children at all times

  • Assists during unstructured times to keep children active and involved while having fun

  • Work with students who need help 

  • Reports any issues or concerns to the lead counselor and/or Program Director to be immediately addressed


Monday through Friday, 8:30am-3:30pm.

All staff are required to help with before and after care twice a week.


$15 - $16 an hour. 

Depends on experience. 


Travel to different locations in the surrounding area every week/two weeks. 

Locations based in MA, NH & VT 

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