The Value of STEM Learning


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We live in a time of ever-advancing technology and for this reason, we can only expect continued job growth in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields. For this reason, many educators and parents are seeking STEM learning opportunities for even the youngest students. But what if your child doesn’t pursue a STEM career? In this month’s blog, the educators at LEtGO Your Mind’s summer STEM programs explain the value of STEM learning for children of all ages.

STEM Learning and Life Skills

Most of us need to look no further than our smartphones to see how technology is constantly evolving. Apply this same kind of technological evolution to the workplace. “Virtually every job is being transformed by an ever-growing list of enabling technologies,” says Jim Harvey, founder of LEtGO Your Mind STEM programs. “The ability to use and understand technology is an essential requirement for most of the jobs of today and tomorrow,” he adds. This is what inspired Harvey to create LEtGO Your Mind’s summer STEM programs. “We know that in today’s world, critical thinking and problem solving are essential life skills. Our team of engineers and educators are fostering this every day in our fun and engaging summer STEM learning programs,” he points out.

Making STEM learning fun!

All too often, we hear that kids don’t like science and math, particularly as they get older and tackle more advanced concepts. By making STEM learning fun and engaging early on, we encourage our kids to approach these areas of study with confidence and enthusiasm. For example, in one of LEtGO Your Mind’s summer STEM programs, kids learn how to design their own maglev (magnetic levitation) vehicles with LEGO® elements and gears. “Kids have a blast making their own cars and don’t even realize that they’re actually learning key engineering and physics concepts,” Harvey notes.

summer stem programs

Superhero-Themed Summer STEM Programs in NH, MA, VT

LEtGO Your Mind offers superhero-themed summer STEM programs for kids ages 4 through 14 throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont. Where else can your child ward off an evil villain and have fun learning some really cool STEM concepts? Some of this summer’s program activities include:

  • Designing machines, cars, and more with LEGO® components.
  • Building and battling EV3 robots.
  • Applying higher-level math concepts and abstract thinking with Minecraft.
  • Using C-based programming.
  • Creating movies using professional stop animation software.

LEtGO Your Mind’s summer STEM programs give kids an opportunity to think creatively, problem solve, work as part of a team, and reinforce key STEM skills. All STEM programs meet national standards and are carefully developed for each specific age group.

Register for Summer STEM Programs

Interested in learning more about LEtGO Your Mind’s summer STEM programs? Visit our website to view program descriptions and schedules. We encourage you to register soon as our summer STEM programs fill up very fast.


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