LEtGO Your Mind Offers Unique Summer STEM Programs in NH, MA, and VT


summer STEM programs

If you’re looking to encourage your child’s creative thinking and problem solving abilities this summer, check out LEtGO Your Mind’s STEM programs. Sure, there are other programs out there, but none are quite as unique (and fun!) as the ones offered through LEtGO Your Mind. Using LEGO builds in the areas of simple machines, robotics, and stop animation, kids ages 4 to 14 are challenged to think creatively, problem solve, and work as part of a team.

STEM Programs Developed by an Experienced Educator

Long-term educator Jim Harvey developed LEtGO Your Mind’s summer STEM programs out of a concern that his children would lose what they had learned during the school year.  “I didn’t want my children sitting around all summer. I wanted to keep their skills sharp, and challenge them to reach their fullest potential,” he says. Harvey, who has over 32 years of teaching experience, holds a master’s degree in education with certifications in elementary education, technology education, and computer education.

Curriculum Based on State Standards

LEtGO Your Mind’s STEM curriculum is based on state standards, which challenge students to learn by thinking, designing, and doing. “But most importantly, kids are having a great time and don’t even realize they’re developing valuable knowledge and skills,” Harvey points out.

summer STEM programs

Themed LEGO Builds

Each year, the LEtGO Your Mind team comes up with a theme and Harvey creates a LEGO build that matches the state’s education standards. “Once the builds are made, I use CAD (computer-aided design) to construct it, and create step-by-step directions for the kids,” Harvey explains. This year’s theme is “superheroes.”

Incorporating the Engineering Design Process

An important part of the program is the engineering design process, which gives kids an opportunity to modify the build to accomplish various tasks. Kids work as partners so they have plenty of time to build, but also learn and collaborate with their peers.

Quality Programming taught by Engineers and Educators

All of our summer STEM programs are taught by educators, engineers, and college students with an interest in education. “Many of our instructors have been with us since we first started. And some of them even attended the programs themselves,” Harvey notes.

Coming to a Place Near You

LEtGO Your Mind’s summer STEM programs are also unique in that we bring them to you. Programs  are offered at multiple locations throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont. To find a summer STEM program near you, visit LEtGO Your Mind’s website.

LEtGO Your Mind Summer STEM Programs in NH, MA, & VT

As parents, we want to provide our kids with the best learning opportunities and help them prepare for a successful future. LEtGO Your Mind’s STEM programs help keep kids’ minds engaged over the summer months, a time when many lose the learning they’ve acquired during the school year. To learn more about our fun and exciting summer STEM programs, contact us today!


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