Meet The Owner

Jim Harvey has been in education for over thirty years.

He has a Masters degree in Education, with certifications in the areas of Elementary Education, Technology Education, and Computer Education.

Jim specialized in the science area early in his career and was known as Mr. Science throughout the New England. His classroom had continuous hands-on science projects were students and teachers became excited about science. Jim traveled through New England giving workshops to teachers, to help teachers achieve hands-on science programs.

Throughout his career Jim has inspired children to use their imagination and creativity to solve problems in school and everyday life situations. He has been in instructor, coach and Director for the Invention Program and Destination Imagination, were children used their creativity to blossom and become confident learners. Presently Jim has begun a new venture to help students become independent, self directive problem solvers, using their creativity to reach their fullest potential. Using Lego’s, motors, and robotics Jim has created summer enrichment program and after-school programs for students to achieve success in the 21st century.

“Over the summer months I was always concerned that my children would lose all their hard work during the school year. I didn’t want my children sitting around all summer. I wanted to keep my kids sharp. In fact, studies have shown that students’ scores and thinking skills decrease over the summer. I decided that that wouldn’t happen to my own children so I started a camp in my home town. It was called Invention Program. This program challenged and pushed my children to their fullest potential. I knew my kids were creative, but the challenge was to keep it fun, but also use their creativity and problem solving skills. We ran the program for 8 years.

As the children grew older, my wife and I were also concerned that our kids needed to be stimulated over the long summer break. We always searched for camps that would help our children become successful and give them the skills they needed for high school, college and life. This is why I have created the Letgoyourmind enrichment program. Children need to expand their mind. To the children, the program is just plain fun and they are excited to come to letgoyourmind. What the child does not see is the true value of their fun.”