LEGO Program Information

Our programs are designed to challenge the children and to create a fun, educationally rich experience for all. Each program year has a new theme and a new curriculum. We design our courses around age ranges to ensure that the campers are academically and emotionally ready for their class.

Are there prerequisites for any classes? No. Children may sign up for any course designed for their age group.

Who can register for the Minecraft course? Children aged 9 and above. The Minecraft course is designed with higher level math and a lot of abstract thinking that younger children may not be able to grasp. We want all children to enjoy the courses and not feel left out.

What if my child isn’t interested in the program theme? The theme each year is designed to integrate a popular character or game with our core curriculum topics. Students may opt to create similarly themed items or use their imagination to create one that better suits their interests. While the classes are structured, the emphasis is on learning and having fun.

LEGO Camp Arrival and Dismissal

We begin each day of camp at 9:00am and end at 3:00pm, Monday through Friday.  Most camps have care available before (7:45-8:45am) and after (3:00-4:00pm).

Please allow time to accompany your child into the program each day to sign them in. An instructor will be at entrance door to check your child in each day. Please do not leave until your child has been signed in by the instructor and you have been acknowledged.

If someone other than yourself will be dropping off or picking up your child, please provide written notification in advance.

For safety reasons, you must come inside each day to pick up your child and sign them out. Students love to show their parents what they’ve done during the day, so feel free to come in a bit early (around 2:45pm) to have a look while we’re picking up and finishing our day.

All children must be checked out each day by the parent (or authorized pick-up) and an instructor. The instructor will ask the parent to physically “sign out” the child or children by initialing under the time of departure. A signature is required at the end of the week.

We will need to be out of the facility as promptly as possible after each day, so please plan to pick your child up on time. If you find that you will be a few minutes late, please give us a call.

LEGO Program General Information

Students will need to provide their own lunches and drinks as well as snacks for the day. Please plan to send a water bottle each day as well.

If you need to contact your child or staff for any reason, please call the program director’s cell  phone number provided to you in the program information email.

If your contact information, or that of your alternate and/or emergency contact’s information changes, please be sure to let us know immediately.

If you have any questions or concerns during the week, please call us so they can be addressed immediately. We’ll also be available to speak with you at the end of each day.


Copies of background checks, health care and discipline policies, and grievance procedures are all available to parents and others upon request.