LEGO Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties!!!

One-hour LEGO®-filled parties for your child and 11 guests.

The party that everyone will envy!

LEtGO YOUR MIND Birthday Party Packages

Gravity Cars Age 4-14

Children will be given a 15 minute introduction to LEGO engineering on how build a car. Children will build cars or dragsters with all types of wheels and race them.

Cost $150.

Motorized Dragsters Age 7-16

Children will be given a 15 minute introduction to LEGO engineering on how build motorized dragsters Children will build cars and dragsters with all types of wheels and race them. Children will work in pairs.

Cost $190.

Stop Animation Movies Age 10 to 18

Lights, Camera, Action! Learn how to create your own stop-motion animation movie. We will take digital pictures and group them together in a time-sequence to produce a motion video. Participants work in pairs.

Cost $250.

Our weekend party times are 11:30am, 2:00pm & 4:30pm, weekday party times after 6:00pm

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Travel Fee from Concord NH

10 to 20 miles $10,00

21 to 30 miles $15.00

31 to 40 miles $20.00

41 to 50 miles $30.00

51 to 60 miles $40.00

61 to 70 miles $50.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do you hold your parties?

A. We come to your home, some people will rent out space at a community center, church, etc.

Q. How long is the party (program)?

A. The party lasts an hour, unless prior agreement for additional time.

Q. How much preparation time does Letgoyourmind need?

A. We expect to be at your site for approximately 15 minutes before the party and 15 minutes after the party (we will pack up while children go to other activities).

Q. How much space do I need?

A. A living room such as 20 by 20 – kids may work on the floor.

Q. Is there a deposit to reserve a birthday party?

A. No, we require full payment in full 14 days before event.

Q. How far in advance should I book the party?

A. We recommend booking 4-5 weeks in advance. Saturdays are our most popular day.

Q. Do you offer parties on weekdays?

A. Yes, we typically offer parties after 6 p.m.

Q. Do the participants get to keep any of the LEGO® bricks?

A. The participants do not get to keep the bricks because we reuse them throughout the year for our classes and camps. The cost of the materials used for birthday projects is quite high (typically $50 to $275 or more per child) We do encourage parents to take pictures of the participant’s creations!

Q. What if I cancel the birthday party?

A.  There is a $50. charge.

Q. Can I tip the teacher?

A. Yes! Gratuities are allowed.