July 17 - 21, 2017

Build it BIG: Superstructures, Motorized LEGO Cars & Stop Motion Animation

Ages: 6-9, Time: 9-3

Become a Master Builder and join us as we create a city of super structures. Using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) principles students will build towers and castles. They will create ways to keep the structures safe from enemy forces by designing hidden walls, trap doors and drawbridges. Children will engineer ways to protect themselves by constructing catapults, battering rams, mobile assault towers and more! Students will use gears and motors to learn about mechanical devices such as levers, wheel and axles, pulleys, inclined planes and screws. In addition students will build and race many types of motorized LEGO cars throughout the week.

In the afternoon, students will build their own mini movie set and create an animated movie using LEGO mini figures and other objects created at camp. The students will also learn how to edit their movies and add titles/credits using Professional Stop Animation software.